Greesh Kumar Makan & Shanti Kumar Makan
Papa’s Recipe

Papa's Recipe Founders

We are two brothers in our 70s and the founders of Papa’s Recipe, a known for our Ready to Cook Curry Mix. Even before India’s partition in 1942, our father KC Makan was known to make the best Mutton and Chicken Curry in undivided Punjab. The aroma of the curry cooked in our home would attract neighbours and friends, from all across the town. Those were the days, when businessmen related to the food industry and professional cooks would drop by at our place, just to pick a tip or two about how to make these tasty curries.

After the partition, we moved to Delhi, and we continued the tradition of cooking for friends, neighbours, and strangers who savoured the taste of these curries.

In the 1970’s we launched these curries at a restaurant in Pinjore, and it naturally became the best selling dish on the menu. In the 1990s, overwhelmed by the popularity of the taste of the curry, we set up a small scale enterprise and decided to transform the recipe into a ‘Ready to cook’ curry mix called Zaaku Masala. Though the item was instantly a success, we had to unfortunately shut it down due to other commitments.

Finally in 2017, encouraged by our family and other admirers of Makan family recipes, we decided to launch the curry mix once again and we called it ‘Papa’s Recipe’. We feel incredibly happy that the world enjoys the irresistible and delicious tastes of our father’s recipes today! And we are immensely proud to have a startup at 70!

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