Maniny Chakrabarty
Dancer. Theatre Artist.

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Maniny Chakrabarty, Dancer.We all have heard, read or even saw it on posters, this very quote: “What is meant to be in life, would find its way to you”. Few save it in their favourite quotes folder, few repost it, few just read and smile. In short, everyone to some level resonate with it. This very charismatic and talented lady actually lives it and is an embodiment of this very quote. From the age of 5, Maniny found her calling: Dancing. The moment she started dancing, the stage felt like home and the dots started connecting. This very love for performing brought her in front of the camera.


Born in Shillong, dancing was her second nature as she danced to Tagore Sangeet. Trained in multiple dance forms: Bharatanatyam, Salsa and her favourite, Contemporary Dance, she moves like a dream. The sudden switch in dancing styles from Bharatanatyam to Salsa happened when she moved to Bangalore for her undergraduate studies.

Life isn’t all rosy and nice all the time. Maniny is very well aware of this fact. She met with an accident and broke her left foot, which meant an end to her dancing career. Meanwhile, she excelled in the world of advertising and marketing making her mark in the corporate world. But despite all the successes, something still felt missing. The void could only be filled with something she truly loved and that is dancing.

During her time in the corporate world, as she slowly recovered from the injury and explored the form of contemporary dancing. There she found a way to express herself through her body. With dedicated hours before and after work, contemporary dance became her new found love. She was eager to learn more and explored other dance forms like Ballet and Jazz, which is when she moved to Mumbai and trained at one of India’s best dance schools.

Unfactory: By the People - Maniny Chakrabarty in one of her dance moves.

Life turned around in ways she would never imagine when she earned herself and trained directly under the one and only – Ashley Lobo. She had a deja-vu moment when she had to face the camera again for a role and brought the very kid in her alive and aced it. By freelancing in acting and dancing, she rediscovered her passion towards the art. Under the mentorship of Saurabh Sachdeva, she is proud to be a protagonist in a play that would be performed in Mumbai.

Maniny now quotes: “I am very happy being where I am right now, and I strongly believe that everything that happens,happens for a reason. And if it doesn’t we have the power within us to make things happen the way we want to. I always wanted to become a professional dancer and an actor and I’m witnessing my dream coming alive. I’ve got a long way to go and I’m only looking forward to my journey! To all the challenges, obstacles and the victories!”

Signing off with her favourite quote, which everyone would also resonate with: “If you are absolutely determined to win and pray wholeheartedly for that result, then courage, wisdom and strength will well forth from the depths of your being.” Daisaku Ikeda

While you have gotten a glimpse into the life of Maniny Chakrabarty, read on to know what she has to say about her favourite picks from the Unfactory collection.

Maniny’s Picks:

Woodlands Kettle Lamp – Yes I Made This

Home Decor - Chai Kettle Lamp by Yes I Made This.This quirky lamp on my bedside table for sure. I love how a kettle is used here because it is no longer a common sight. Also, back home in shillong, the kettle was always brewing tea to keep us warm in the cold rainy weather. It just feels very nostalgic to me personally. And, I particularly love the design and the colours which makes it that would immediately lift our moods!

Gourmet Sweet Potato Chips

I Always keep a healthy snack handy. Given my schedule I am always on the go and I need to eat every 3 hours. This packet is perfect to carry along and the right flavours to not make a healthy snack bland and boring.Vacuum Fried Peri Peri Potato Chips from To be Healthy.Orange Palazzo set by Dori

Orange is my favourite colour. And this crop top palazzo duo is perfect eye catcher! This is a perfect combination of style meets comfort and I would totally pick this for a brunch or even an evening event.  I could also live in these!:)

Orange Palazzo set by Dori Designs.
Orange Overlay Crop Top with Palazzo

Chocolate Lip Balm & Natural Sunscreen by The Nature Masons

A forever essential. I always have to have one of these in my bag, it makes me feel equipped and what better flavour than chocolate for a lip balm…Yum!

I never step our of the house without a sunscreen. Apart from protecting the skin from the UV Rays its multi functional use takes care of me having to carry multiple products. Also the lavender essential oils does it’s own magic of soothing the skin without harming the environment. And, that’s a Wow and a hot pick for me!

Hot Chocolate Lip Balm and Lavender Sunscreen from The Nature Masons.
Chocolate Lip Balm and Lavender Suncreen

Notebook – She who is brave

Simply love the artwork and the colours and style of font on the cover. I also really like the words  on it, It entirely resonates with me. It’s like this was made for me!:) love the size of this notebook, makes it easy to carry it along. I’m someone who always makes notes wherever I go. This cute and light notebook definitely helps.

Notebooks by Happy Scribbles
She who is Brave

In addition to these Maniny’s picks include Multipurpose Pouch by Spruce, Succulent Art Project by 220v of Love, Spinning Earth Charm from Oya and the Messenger Sling Bag from Studio Love.

Now that you have gone through Maniny’s picks let us know how many of them are part of your list too via the comments section.

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Pic Source: All of Maniny’s images are provided by her and hence she is deemed to be the copyright owner.

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