Isn’t it ironic that glossy adverts feature good-looking models in flirty dresses with any-occasion-ready hair while lesser mortals, like you and I, struggle to keep our face shine-free and manage frizzy hair? But it doesn’t have to be an unending ordeal if you just find the right products to restore health and happiness to your skin and hair.

Unfactory has a vast selection of all-natural, chemical-free soaps, moisturizers, lip balms, body mists, shampoos and deodorants designed to banish grease, sweat and grime and keep you looking and smelling great even when temperatures are soaring.

Each of these natural products has been made using ingredients like lemon, peppermint, roses, aloe vera, activated charcoal or shea butter – known for being anti-bacterial, refreshing, cooling and soothing. So read on for our recommendations on which skincare products to stock up on and why.


Lemon and Green Tea Soap
Lemon and Green Tea Soap
Lemon Body mist
Lemon Body Mist

We aren’t sure if lemons can ward off the evil eye but they sure can banish blemishes, fight bacteria, brighten hair and help you get rid of oily skin! The humble lemon is a powerful anti-germ agent that will keep you squeaky clean all season long.

Get your hands on the Lemon and Green Tea Soap for refreshed and supple skin. Green Tea is also known for being a natural antiseptic, so you can bid goodbye to breakouts, oily skin and odour-causing bacteria! Retailed by Opulence Skin Care, this beauty bar is enriched with shea butter to soften your skin. The soap is handcrafted and completely free of harmful parabens, additives and animal fat, which makes it safe to use – even on sensitive skin, everyday.

Addicted to lemony-freshness? Try the Lemon Body Mist by WoodsandPetals, which is alcohol-free. Unlike other mass-produced body sprays that dry out your skin – this all natural solution to preventing body odour is effective yet gentle.


Henna and Curry Shampoo Bar
Henna and Curry Shampoo Bar
Organic Lip Balm

Does your scalp feel sweaty and itchy, and hair feels limp or frizzy? Peppermint can fix all your hair woes and help heal sun-damage. The cooling, tingling sensation of peppermint can be addictive on hot days but there are many more reasons it deserves your love. Peppermint works as an astringent drawing out excess oil and restoring the natural pH of your scalp. And it promotes blood circulation and hair growth – which is why you must try the Conditioning Henna-Peppermint Shampoo Bar by Burst of Happyness. Perfect for oily and normal hair, this bar also has the goodness of rosemary oil which fights dandruff and henna which restores damaged hair. Use peppermint as a pick-me-up with a Organic Lip Balm enriched with peppermint essential oils. This purchase from Ardhana Project Pragathi will not only heal and soften your lips, but also go towards supporting sustainable livelihoods for the transgender community.


Floral Spell Body Deodorant
Shed The Dead

Life is coming up roses, or it will once you have discovered the wealth of benefits rose oil brings. Besides its romantic fragrance, rose oil also helps keep germs away, reduces inflammation, relieves anxiety and elevates your mood! Keep those mid-week blues away and smell great through the day, with the roll-on Floral Natural Deodorant by Aroha. Most commercially-produced roll-on sticks contain aluminium and other harsh chemicals that can be absorbed by your body, and some natural products are messy to use, however, this tube combines the convenience of a roll-on without any of the harmful side effects of chemicals.

You can tap into the goodness of rose, with the Rose and Ragi soap by Common Oxen. The tannin and malic acid in dry rose petals acts as a natural scrub. Use to slough off dead skin and be rewarded with fragrant, soft skin that is ready to take on the sun.

Aloe Vera, Activated Charcoal and Shea Butter

Charcoal Soap
Calming Candles by Opulence
Calming Candles

Aloe Vera, Activated Charcoal and Shea Butter are also great ingredients to moisturize skin, draw out impurities and get rid of breakouts.

Use a charcoal-enriched soap to remove blackheads and treat rashes. Pamper your skin with a shea-butter enriched skin tonic to soothe skin that has been exposed to the sun frequently. Use a clay mask over the weekend for that well-rested glow, or end the day with a calming massage with this aroma-oil infused candle that doubles up as a massage oil!


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