Rincy Rinny.
Starry-eyed Inquirer. Die-hard Trekkie. Born Naturalist. Healer of Minds.

By the People is an interactive series where we bring you the most prodigious individuals from different walks of life.

Unfactory: By the People - Rincy RinnyIn this edition, we present to you the sagacious, free-spirited, alfresco loving, balmy and ever-summery Rincy Rinny, and her wondrous picks from the Unfactory collection.

On the Tenets of Being Essentially Rincy.

A psychotherapist and facilitator by profession, I spent an early 6 years learning to be a dental surgeon. Then out of the blue, like a tooth-tingling epiphany, wisdom struck 😉 and I moved on to pursue a career in the field of mental health. The journey from dental to mental has been tumultuous, but nevertheless, exciting and extremely fulfilling.

I love to read and I am prone to bury myself in anything from comics to deep philosophy.

Call me a borderline Nazi Environmentalist, if you please! I love my plants and my trees, and can occasionally be found having conversations with them.

Movies, comedy shows, dark rich chocolate, coffee and dancing with my kids are some of my blatant indulgences.

I am, I admit, a self-confessed certified nerd. Yes, I thrive on studying and constantly taking up random courses.

And, what would be my most recent discovery?

That travelling alone caters to an innate longing of my soul! I wish to travel long and wide, and quite naturally, scores of idyllic destinations await to be ticked off my bucket list.

Some day, when the kids leave the nest and I find a hidden treasure, I will give in to my wanderlust.

Until then…here is a nomadic eye view of my favorite picks from the Unfactory stable…

Rincy’s Picks:

I love silver jewelry and these designs are elegant and whimsical. Inspired from nature, crafted in a metal I love…what else could a nature freak ask for!

Unfactory: The Jewellery Project - 925 Sterling Silver Filigree Cuff.
Filigree Cuff Bangle
Unfactory: By the People - The Jewellery Project's Butterfly Silver Ring.
Butterfly Finger Ring

When you need to hide that muffin top and walk without a care in the world. Of course, the color, the fabric and the design…are all bonus perks 😉

Unfactory: By the People - Dori's Green Square Cut Top.
Dori’s Green Square Cut Top

This would be the ideal trunk to keep the treasure I dig up, that will eventually fund my travels. It would also most likely be the trunk my kids find my scandalous secrets in, when I leave it to them in my will. (You might want to check out ‘The Bridges of Madison County’ if that doesn’t ring a bell! 😉 )

Unfactory: By the People - Studio SMU's Handpainted & Upholstered Trunks.
Studio SMU’s Handpainted and Upholstered Trunk – Sunny Thai

This is something I could see my daughter strutting her stuff in. The colour… the exquisiteness…Ooohlala!

Unfactory: By the People - Dori's Pleated Skirt made out from Ilkal Cotton.
Dori’s Pleated Skirt made from Ilkal Cotton

Hope you love exploring Rincy’s favourites as much as we did.

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  1. Love this post and love Ms. Rincy Rinnys sense of style and complete confidence. She is an inspiration to all those around her. Perfect pick for a feature person that others can learn from and look up to!

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