Sudha Chegudi.
A doting mother, corporate executive and a DIYer

‘People’s Pick’ is a series to celebrate the real patrons of Unfactory who continuously support our community of Independent artists. All products featured are from our collection of unique and exclusive range of handmade / handcrafted products.

Sudha Chegudi - TestimonialSudha is a Lead for Strategic Initiatives in the corporate world. A firm believer of the mantra to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, Sudha lives by it through her many DIY projects. With a penchant to learn something new each day, Sudha constantly reinvents herself raising the bar for conscious and sustainable living. When it comes to achieving personal or social goals, Sudha believes that ‘the sky is not the limit’.


Sudha Says:

“The first time I came across Unfactory, I loved all the unique, well curated crafts that came from various artists. My personal favorite is Sanchali’s brocaded necklaces that are so unique and a versatile accessory.”

Sudha Chegudi showcasing her favourite handmade brocade necpiece
Sudha Chegudi showcasing her favourite Brocade Neckpiece from Sanchali

About Sanchali

Sanchali is the brainchild of Daksha, a sculptor, museologist and designer. Sanchali empowers women in a tiny village about 80 Kms from Bangalore. The local women are the driving force behind this brand and what’s even better is that Daksha challenges them creatively to come up with newer designs themselves.

Sanchali’s collection is known for its brocade earrings and neck pieces.

Featured Collection:

Brocade earrings from Sanchalihandmade brocade necklace from Sanchali handmade bali earrings from Sanchali

Unfactory is as much yours as it is ours. Come along and join our growing community of artist collaborators & collectors like you.

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